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Colloidal Silver 101:   FAQ's...Frequently Asked Questions

Help make colloidal silver a household adding your valued thoughts

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Encouraging Discovery Through Awareness...

We honor your questions with answers as possible. I'll admit, the first entry into our new forum for 'frequently asked questions' was actually the second question offered...I could not answer the first! I've come to understand a lot in ten years but I'm an activist/educator not a scientist. Welcome to Colloidal Silver 101...Introduction to colloidal silver.

Action- How it Works

Q: How does CS know which are the bad organisms and not kill the good ones?
Accepted science is like any law...only good until over-written. Today it is accepted that the attracting factor is the enzymes that anaerobic organisms like bacteria, fungus, etc. produce during metabolism. Once a virus enters a "host" cell, its metabolism becomes anaerobic too, so a virus is ultimately destroyed as well.


Q: I was wondering where you found your information on the cases of argyria that have been reversed. What did the gentlemen do to reverse his?
I have no second-hand knowledge of this other than what my internet research has garnered; including reading of his sites. Methinks Mark used a combo of vitamins C, E, & Selenium along with manganese.

The man whom I've called the grandaddy of colloidal silver marketing had argyria when I first met him at a health show in Las Vegas years ago, though I did not really notice it in my excitement. My friend pointed it out after we left his booth & I was certain that was what the 'palor' was.

I saw awhile ago that he had posted a photo of his newfound pinkness while holding one of those TV color charts for proof. That link no longer exists. It is my understanding that one time, years ago, he left the country for awhile as he was so beset upon by the authorities.

Also, In my book, I site early antidotes for this condition that typically run to flushes using egg white and oil. No idea of the success of these.

Today I'd add in chelators such as brown seaweed products, Zeolite & cilantro juice. Ensure you ingest only smaller yellow colloids or clear ions not yet colloids; both flush from the body under normal conditions.


Q: Is silver chloride toxic?
There seems to be no conclusive evidence to this but there is information showing it is less effective as an antiseptic. Apparently, Francis Key of Colloidal Science Labs, along with the seeming majority of researchers do not approve of it, though it too may have its uses, just perhaps not in homemade colloidal silver.

Size Effectiveness

Q: Is it true that an ionic silver solution is more appropriately directed toward viruses and mycoplasms, maybe even mrsa pathogens, while the larger particulate silver appears to be the more effective against bacteria, and what is the percent ratio of large to small particles produced by this silver Microgen colloidal silver generator?
Methinks you have well explained this. The latter question shall remain scientifically unmeasured/unanswered just a bit longer. Thank you for the prompting...but, here's an answer that may suffice...

The after "test" of 1 drop of H2O2 per 4 ounces of C/S proves clear and not cloudy; thereby showing the MicroGenerator and/or 12v. transformer generators with Vitamin C addition after manufacture do indeed make mostly small medical-grade silver colloids. Try this on yours!

Q: Is there any information that is from an unbiased source that says whether ionic silver or colloidal silver is best?
Best for what? It seems the general consensus is shaping up to be that ions and their grouped counterpart- colloids, have separate but equal uses: ions cross the cell barrier so they get places colloids cannot and there are times we might want that, say in the face of certain dis-ease. Colloids seem to be most useful for the more common communicable ailments and general, overall ease.


Q: Isn't citrate the same as vitamin C, citrate as in citrus. I'm dumb about these things. If citrate causes argyria what is Silver 100 doing with it?
Whew! Mostly copping-out on this one...saying this is ColloidalSilver101 and it's therefore beyond our scope...but Francis S. Key of Colloidal Science, contractor to multi-national's, approves of C but not citric acid. Read the sales lit. for their own explanation...bit over my head. Frank Key also states he was instrumental in putting the owner of 'Water Oz' into jail...for not stopping the use of citric acid in his manufacturing process, after he was told of its detriment.

Parts Per Million

Q: What contol is there over the ppm generated?
The variables are water quality & temperature, amount of electricity, & electrolyte used- if any. There are also mitigating factors; such as phase of the moon, humidity, even altitude. Obviously poor water, such as tap water allows electricity to move faster resulting in higher ppm and/or larger particle size. 30volt transformers are faster than 12 ones and that is faster than a 9volt one. Adding electrolyte before or during manufacture speeds the process as does water temperature. Both allow for greater electro-conductivity. Adding electrolyte after processing 'aggregates' (more scientifically: agglomerates) the sub-molecular ions into colloids logically, you'd say there are fewer ions but more colloids, thus reducing PPM it would seem.

PPM meters have a variable  of 100 ppm or so, according to manufacture specs. It is logical that they are therefore not useful; but I know folks that measure before and after manufacture and feel they can get in the ballpark. Color seems useful as a measure, according to older texts- from whence my research came, but Francis Key of Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc. feels this is a poor method that is perhaps more applicable to size....but what else have we?

I feel that we are using such minute quantities compared to the 112 patented drugs approved for 47 years...around 10,000X less...and it is shown to all flush out of the body -provided it is not larger gray colloids- so there is no reason to concern ourselves with a few ppm here or there.

19ppm would be 1/10,000th of 190,000 ppm which is the high end of the 7-19% silver-containing drugs of FDA approval.

Typically Argyria took several months if not years of using such products. Today's colloid is hundreds of times smaller and taken in thousands of times less "strength" or ppm.


Q: (Others) do not mention using anything else like vit c powder. How does theirs turn golden and how important is this?
Old chemistry texts say all colloids have color. Science has changed, somewhat, the definition of colloid size-mainly to encompass smaller than historical definitions. Movement or "motion" is another factor in the definition and it is shown that some smaller than previously thought colloids fit. As silver colloids near previously accepted sizes they reflect or "refract" yellow light. Some electrolytes assist this by cation addition for a balancing of needed electrons to aid colloid creation. Simplistically: ion + ion = colloid.
This coloration change happens naturally, to some extent, as ions pick up cations from the air which aids in their grouping into colloids. Some firms mistakenly suggest using sea salt while others offer starter solutions or even suggest using a bit of an old batch as electrolyte.


Q: what is safe starting dosage?
The best idea I've seen: Take a few drops sublingually; No reaction? Take a few more. Tomorrow use a teaspoon and increase that to two the next day and a tablespoon thereafter if no reaction is obvious. Increase to 2-3 Tbsp/day -depending on whether you're under assault by ailment of just using it as a preventive measure..

Q: What are the recommended doses for adults and children?
This really is difficult to say because there are so many strengths available. My rule of thumb is 1-4 ounces twice a week, or perhaps a sip per day -because it's easy to remember if it becomes a habit. You'll settle into some routine dosage.

Q: I wonder what is the dose to take of homemade silver? I bought a dropper bottle and the dose is 2 droppers so it must be strong. Some folks on the Dr. Hulda Clark list say they drink half cup a day!...this must be weak?
I know a diabetic who makes and takes 8 oz/per day of dark amber colloids...for years now! One guy with Hep-C found relief and normalizing numbers with one sip per day.

Q: Do you recommend increasing the dosage when ill? What is dosage for an infection?
Anticipating this means you have few to no colloids in the body because you got this infection in the first place...Personally, I ingest four to eight ounces daily if ill or perhaps half that if a trip has me heading in amongst y'all!

After 10 years, I perhaps am more comfortable with overkill than most reading this will ever be...I may drink a quart of approximately 20 ppm in two or three days when that old root canal acts up several times a year.

Q: Why do you have to drink larger amounts of home made colloidal silver to commercally made silver to get the same effect?
This may not be true; an Environmentally Ill (EI, MCS) individual took 3 drops of homemade c/s and had such a toxic die-off, or Herxheimer's Reaction, as to be weak for three days. Another had drops knock out an upper-respiratory challenge that pharmaceutical antibiotics had not.

Four ounces/four days was my first use against flu, but one Hep-C user was suggested use of a sip per day; it worked so well they wanted to express extreme appreciation in quite an unusual way on the 7th day.

C/S Use

Q: Can the colloidal silver be used for making tea and mix with beverages, like juice?
Making tea? You're the 'researcher'...Now mixing it into other liquids seems acceptable, though I'd wait a minimum amount of time for 'stabilization' after manufacture.

Q: What info/research is available on using CS in a nebulizer?
Many use it this way. Personal experience shows it an excellent way to affect pneumonia or bronchitis or any other bronchial challenges.

Q: I presently take colloidal silver if I'm under stress or think I need to head off a cold. Would you recommend that I take colloidal silver every day?
Daily use is unnecessary as it takes 4-5 days to flush from the system according to research. Some feel it ideal to have breaks from anything; silver may be the exception from this rule as it appears quite benign, so regular use only eases other functions without taxing or atrophying anything.


Q: I do know it is important to use a glass jar to store colloidal silver in. However must the glass jar be a dark color such as blue or amber? or can it just be a clear glass stored in a dark place?
Dark brown glass keeps the light out and simply covering or other dark storage works for this. Blue glass lets light in, green too. HTPE or hydrogen peroxide-type plastic bottles work particularly well for the newer ionic silver solutions but not so for colloidal silver; they seem to attract the yellow colloids to their surface, eventually "clearing" the sol over time.

Q: What is the shelf life for colloidal silver?
Strictly speaking, homemade colloids begin to lose viability over short weeks but can maintain some usefulness for 2-4 months. Today's smaller ionic silver solutions are longer lasting...if they are as stated...most are not. Caveat emptor- buyer beware.


Q: Is there a difference in quality of silver electrodes and if so which ones are the best to use?
Pure or "fine" silver is required, except perhaps for emergencies. Some feel .9999 pure is desireable; that means one part in a hundred thousand is something other than silver. That one part in a thousand of the .999 fine would likely be some other metal left from the smelting process.

Perhaps making 1/1000th colloidal 'whatever' is acceptable to you; if not-use four nines or .9999 fine silver. Since there is at least a 50% increase in value for this- most researchers don't bother.

Most of America's imported Sterling silver comes from Mexico where copper is added to harden silver; so if a bit of colloidal copper along with that smidgen of colloidal 'whatever' is acceptable to you, Sterling silver can work...especially in an emergency -though it is not advisable as a rule.

Other Noble Metals

Q: What are the benefits other noble metals will bring. Gold, platinum and so on? Is colloidal Gold creation just as easy as silver?
Colloidal gold had approved historic use via injection for arthritis. Research shows it viable for neurological conditions. One student called a year on expressing being in the midst of spiritual epiphany from his growing use of colloidal gold which intrigued me. Using the methods taught here he had attained only a weak pink color as opposed to the ruby red color known to those that collect gold glass. I've come to collect silvered glass items with the usual butterscotch yellow-gold coloration you'll come to recognize.

This fellows' gradually increased dosing had attained a quarter cup per day and he was quite verbally ecstatic ~ he literally said:
"Oh!...Oh!...there it goes again"!.... Perhaps you've heard of 'mono-atomic' gold or 'white-powdered' gold or even remember when Moses was said to have come off the mountain and burnt the gold calf and offered it to the wanderers? Spiritual Epiphany, anyone?

Specific Conditions


Q: How will colloidal silver benefit a cancer victim?
Q: Does it cure cancer? My brother in law has lukemia.
Q: Do you have any information from individuals who have used collodial silver to stop skin cancer?

Dr. Beck showed colloidal silver de-differentiates differentiated cells. Thus burn victims, scar tissue and perhaps even the individual cell that has turned cancerous...that the immune system has neglected or missed may be affected. In the 1930s Royal Rife showed that cancer morphed in and out of five phases, three of these are viral, bacterial and fungal; silver is shown effective on these organisms.

Colloidal silver works at the surface of an organism so a growing mass of organisms may be beyond its scope; however, one may find prophalactic use in prevention or aid in quelling metastasis.


Q: Will help my mother who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome?

Dr. Beck considered colloidal silver "your body's second immune system". Want one of those? I particularly find elders expressing benefit extending to an over-all well-being. Go slow, watch for Herxheimer's Reaction -the ill feeling not unlike that which comes with prescription antibiotic use.


Q: Will colloidal Silver kill or inhibit the growth of (MRSA), Methicillin resistant Staphlococcus Aureus?
I have read MRSA is a common Staph that has been uncontrolled by the patients immune system and is transmitted in several ways. I would nebulize, ingest and apply cs topically for this as it is associated with necrotizing pneumonia.


Q: Will C.S. help or cure my wife's M.S. and sarcoidosis. Also will it help my damaged nerves?

CS aids all healing, however, it is colloidal gold that most aids neurological healing as I understand from my research. Sarcoidosis is listed in the previous FDA approved uses of CS. [ed. note: Also research the case of Nancy Delise who claims to have cured her MS with cs]

Uniquely Feminine

Q: Is colloidal silver safe during pregnancy?
Yes. Consider the vitamins & minerals one takes. Silver is a mineral that simply moves through the blood and flushes out within days; meanwhile it may be drawn to, attach itself to, and smother the anaerobic organisms associated with disease. It's better than's a healthy safety precaution when taken properly.

"The internal ingestion of properly prepared colloidal silver is a personally empowering act of individual medical responsibility".

Q: Do you know of women using colloidal silver as a douche to kill bacteria?
Yes indeed...and happily with great success! I know men who use it regularly to keep systemic candida problems in check as well.

Do YOU have a question to add to our Frequently Asked Questions?
Thank you for taking the time to help us make colloidal silver a household word by posing your important colloidal silver question.

This is a new program we are instituting to deal with the myriad of inquiries we find ourselves fielding on a regular basis. There isn't enough time in the day sometimes to deal with all the requests and accomplish what needs to get done...except getting you started is what needs to get done!


Demand's low but we did one, so give a listen to our first colloidal silver teleseminar

Once again another first is borne of SilverShield /
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We sincerely thank you if you have taken the time to join us in this endeavor.
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Some Startling Statistics...
Number of physicians in the U.S...................................700,000
Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year............120,000
Accidental deaths per physician............................................0.171
Number of gun owners in the U.S.............................80,000,000
Number of accidental gun deaths per year (all age groups)..1,500
Accidental deaths per gun owner..........................................0.0000188

Therefore, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous
than gun owners!

This only counts full kills. How many were maimed or crippled
and how many more lives have been ruined by "medicine"?
License to practice medicine is license to kill ~Move over, 007.



ColloidalSilver101-Home powered healthcare

Photo: manufacturing with the "Auto-Immune" generator and highly purified water: As a dash of Vit-C is introduced, the sub-molecular ions aggregate into a cloud of yellow colloids, forming a more highly colloidal solution

This is an educational technique you may not always use, but we suggest you learn and teach it- to ensure no large gray colloids are ever ingested. It is one of four visual tests for proper colloids.

 Traditionally, colloids had color. The redefining is a mystery to us. Why now? Anyway, some like clear, some like yellow colloids.

Clear crosses the cell barrier and yellow colloids stay in the blood; each may have its specific use.

What you will make at home can be as good as the pro's; some percentage will be the best, most perfect size, naturally electrically charged healing colloids of silver. 

One of colloidal silver's functions maybe be aiding the flow of chi into blocked realms of the body as well as it's anti/pro-biotic use.


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