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For Reducing Acne-Colloidal Silver Is Key

If you have acne colloidal silver is the answer to what you clearly desire. Whether you’re dirt poor and learn to make colloidal silver yourself, order from the web or shop at the finest health food store, this site can help you now.

Acne is a bacterial infection and bacteria are destroyed by silver. You will have cleaner healthier skin with regular use of colloidal silver.

It’s non-toxic unlike over the counter salves that contain benzene.

For even the slightest case of acne colloidal silver use should be frequent- both internally and on your face. Yes, even if you are presently using one of the finest treatment systems.

Colloidal silver is first and foremost safe and natural.
It is the end product of thousands of years of use by many cultures throughout the world that historically used silver for health care.

Today it is made with particles that are thousands of times smaller.
It also comes in less than 1/10 of 1% strength, not 7-19 % like before.

Even our own FDA approved of silver’s use.
At one time there were over a hundred patented medicines with silver in them. They’re mostly gone now, having been replaced by other drugs.

Colloidal silver uses covered nearly every condition.
There is a list of 132 different diseases that doctors used silver on.
Most silver drugs have been replaced by other pharmaceutical medicines.

Some of the patented silver drugs are still in use today.
Nothing has been found to replace the silver solution used in hospital “burn units” or the silver drug used as drops in the eyes of newborns.

New silver uses have been invented such as bandages, gloves and socks.

The drug companies aren’t the only ones that make colloidal silver.
Now the drug companies make very few silver-containing medicines. So individuals started businesses and began making colloidal silver liquid. It is sold as a mineral supplement in health food stores and on the net.

Prices range from just a couple of dollars per ounce to much more.

Now you can make colloidal silver at home very simply.
In 1975 we learned how to use very small electrical currents to make it. Like the jolt from 9-volt batteries on your tongue- you can’t be shocked. So it’s safe to make the tiny particles be electrically removed from silver.

When these tiny particles group together they are called colloids.

All colloids have certain scientifically measurable properties.
Colloidal fluids are usually considered to be full of electrically charged particles that are in a certain size range. The electrical charge is what holds individual colloids apart from each other but together in solution.

Silver particles are naturally antiseptic.
These particles will move in your bloodstream and the lymphatic system. Their antibacterial properties will destroy the non-oxygen using bacteria.

You'll have healthy skin due to the bacterial killing action of silver.

If you make it yourself it won’t cost you much at all.
Colloidal silver generators can be expensive but they don’t have to be. Our site offers a demonstration colloidal silver generator really cheap.

You can even make your own generator from household junk.

One economy generator is made from a transformer for home use. There is another generator that is specifically for use in a car or RV. If money’s no object, you can get one that has the whistles and bells.

Of course, you could get more expensive information from this report.

However you to do it, get and use safe colloidal silver for your acne.
You won’t regret it because you will be helped in other healthy ways too.

For More Information Contact:

Silver Shield
P.O Box 506 Dolan Springs, AZ 86441
VOIP phone: 480-463-5663
Googlevoice: 435-6.101.101 
FAX: 928 272-0915
Internet: zealots at

Photo: manufacturing with the "Auto-Immune" generator and highly purified water: As a dash of Vit-C is introduced, the sub-molecular ions aggregate into a cloud of yellow colloids, forming a more highly colloidal solution

This is an educational technique you may not always use, but we suggest you learn and teach it- to ensure no large gray colloids are ever ingested. It is one of four visual tests for proper colloids.

 Traditionally, colloids had color. The redefining is a mystery to us. Why now? Anyway, some like clear, some like yellow colloids.

Clear crosses the cell barrier and yellow colloids stay in the blood; each may have its specific use.

What you will make at home can be as good as the pro's; some percentage will be the best, most perfect size, naturally electrically charged healing colloids of silver. 

One of colloidal silver's functions maybe be aiding the flow of chi into blocked realms of the body as well as it's anti/pro-biotic use.


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