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Colloidal Silver Antibiotic/Probiotic:
Simple Groups Of Molecular Silver In Water

Colloidal silver has a history. The ancient cultures used molecular silver, some of which naturally became colloidal silver. Almost always some of the molecules will group into colloids when you break them off from the mother donor.  Today we prefer to create colloidal silver using Dr. Beck's 1975 electro colloidal method, as it is far superior to the earlier methods.

The FDA approved  the 112 patented silver-containing medical concoctions that were sold for 47 years. These were removed, incidentally, in short order after Beck's discovery of proper, medical grade colloids.

It is true the early silver medicines had fallen out of favor in deference to new sulfa then penicillin and finally antibiotic drugs. But the fact remains: Electro-colloidal silver was better and Big Pharma knew it had to hide it, because the new methods made colloidal silver far superior to the patentable concoctions that contained particles of silver on the order of hundreds of times in size to the new colloids. They couldn't patent naturally occurring silver in water.

FACT: old FDA approved drugs were thousands of times more parts per million, some users got argyria.

Electro-colloidal silver is smaller, safer and had it been accepted, no modern-day patient would have had argyria, though few have. At least one driven researcher has actually chelated the gray from his body. This indisputable fact proves Argyria is not permanent nor is it to be feared; it only needs to be understood.

Let's be honest though, the poor man, the first with a heart big enough to bring this free elixir to the masses, was early on teaching the use of salt as an electrolyte additive. This may have caused many early researchers to make and -trusting souls they were- actually ingest noxious solutions of grey colloidal silver. It is more likely they created and used weak solutions of grey colloids. These weak sols would look as if you had put a spoon of milk in a glass of water. Use only clear or yellow.

Perhaps you saw Blue man Paul Karason with a glass of clear colloidal silver (sub-molecular) on Oprah, with Dr. Oz, or on the local news? He must have been using large gray colloids internally and externally for years 

You see only clear when the solution is "molecular" as the particles come off the donor metal one electron shy of a molecule, but when they begin to get crowded together and forced to group up you'll begin to see the traditional or true colloidal silver's yellow coloration. 

Who can explain why scientists have recently expanded the definition of a colloid to include particles so small as to rarefract no light and thus show no color! Traditionally colloids had color; in fact it is metallic colloids that give gemstones color, or even colored class its beauty. The explanation for the change? It is said some of the smaller particles show a particular quality known as Brownian motion. Colloids can have any number of sizes and shapes when you're making colloidal silver.

Maybe the fact that clear molecular sols are now being called colloidal silver -only yellow ones used to be- is an FDA trick? Call me a conspirator-realist but perhaps there was a change in colloidal science to confuse us? 

Somehow, when sintered off the donor rod using micro-power units of DC electricity, the sub-molecular particles have tiny hair-like projections that hold them aloft and separate. Crowd them together with more particles, thus more parts per million or ppm and you cause the sub-molecular particles to hook up and become true colloidal silver in all it's opalescent glory, the opalescent glow being another feature imparted by virtue of the electricity used.

The now merged colloid will have one more electron than in nature and be large enough that light will bounce off of it. Vibration of course, decides the color you'll see; in this case it needs to be somewhere between lemon yellow, through gold to amber. After that it goes grey.

Grey colloidal silver will not easily flush from the body. If you keep ingesting  grey colloidal silver it will accumulate in the soft tissues, eyes, gums, lunae of the nail-beds, and ultimately -usually after a prolonged exposure of sun- the whole of your skin might turn a splotchy, cammo grey. It is, or can be so minimal as to be overlooked -momentarily- as I found out upon meeting the grand-daddy of the colloidal silver educational or marketing community.     

I happened upon Mark at his health-fair booth in early 2001 or so. In the excitement of meeting a legend, his condition was literally overlooked. But upon walking away, my friend remarked (cute pun, eh?); "Man, there was something weird about that guy!"  Having an Aha! moment, I muttered something about Argyria, turned and ran back, only to find Mark had gone from his booth. Today that grey has gone from Mark and it's clear he wants to put gray colloids in the past.

Mark taught many to use salt as an electrolyte additive when making colloidal silver. Some time ago he removed the pictures from his website of him holding a TV color chart, thus proving he's chelated the large colloids and he is flesh-toned again. Whew! What a drag that must have been. His protocol can be had, bought as it were. Perhaps it's in his book.

In attempting to discern the protocol for chelating large gray colloidal silver from the body, this can be said: Selenium is a chelator.  Use zeolite or perhaps bentonite, montmorillonite- or other clays. In fact, you could supplement with selenium to prevent any colloidal build-up and be aiding in the prevention of cancers. One finds cilantro juice as chelator, too. Perhaps you know other chelating agents? In the 1920's, a Dr. Wm O. Brown related in his book that olive oil and egg white flushes were viable for the chelating of large grey colloidal silver from the tissues of the body.

 Ya know what? Just don't use gray colloidal silver at all, except in true emergencies, like during a plague!

Colloidal silver needs to be yellow, which moves throughout the blood and kills anaerobic organisms. Or, if you prefer, colloidal silver needs to be clear, which can cross the cell barrier and may thereby be useful for a whole other set of dis-ease. Colloidal silver should almost never be used if improperly made as large gray colloids; not even around the house, for it holds the potential to enter via the skin and thus add to your load of gray colloids. You do not want the gray skin of argyria so stay away from gray colloidal silver. 'Nuff said?

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Photo: manufacturing with the "Auto-Immune" generator and highly purified water: As a dash of Vit-C is introduced, the sub-molecular ions aggregate into a cloud of yellow colloids, forming a more highly colloidal solution

This is an educational technique you may not always use, but we suggest you learn and teach it- to ensure no large gray colloids are ever ingested. It is one of four visual tests for proper colloids.

 Traditionally, colloids had color. The redefining is a mystery to us. Why now? Anyway, some like clear, some like yellow colloids.

Clear crosses the cell barrier and yellow colloids stay in the blood; each may have its specific use.

What you will make at home can be as good as the pro's; some percentage will be the best, most perfect size, naturally electrically charged healing colloids of silver. 

One of colloidal silver's functions maybe be aiding the flow of chi into blocked realms of the body as well as it's anti/pro-biotic use.


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