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Colloidal Silver & Health
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Colloidal Silver is a Bridge On The Pathway to Health

Adding a simple step while learning to create colloidal silver makes all the difference.

True colloidal silver forms as a single returning electron creates a full compliment in the outer shell of electron-deficient silver ions coaxed from donor material. Small groups of these larger than atomic-sized particles form a class unto themselves. A phenomenal second layer of electrons and the resulting "negative" charge holds silver colloids aloft and apart, not only from one other but from the millions of positively-charged silver ions that didn't make the switch. Striking a balance into solution with the introduction of pumped air or vitamin C -and darn few other things- is key to creating an effective medical grade, highly colloidal silver solution.

The 1975 introduction of the electro-colloidal method so vastly improved upon the out of favor patented silver medicines that the FDA was called to task by pharmaceutical conglomerates. America's medical community had slowly rejected almost all of the 112 FDA approved silver drugs after sulpha and eventually antibiotics like penicillin were developed.

Now big Pharma's FDA drug-thugs stand poised for legal action as silver's nationwide foothold grows into a grassroots reintroduction:

-Just a few percent of true colloids makes any homemade naturally antibiotic silver elixir effective against resistant strains of disease.

It works so well in healing burn victims that our medical burn units refused to give up silver drugs. Their holdout kept silver colloids in the picture.

You need this, whether you know it or not; We must all teach others to make colloidal silver before the FDA takes it from the shelves.

Over five decades, pharmaceutical silver concoctions caused just four dozen historically documented cases of Argyria. Undue media attention is now focused on a few new cases caused by individuals that took -mostly their own- very poorly made colloidal silver elixir. Don't worry, this now proven reversible cosmetic condition is just a 'boogeyman' lie in a virulent disinformation campaign of a rogue agency that is in contempt of court.

In reality the lies of those that would make colloidal silver illegal -as they did in the EU- serve an opposite reaction- that of ensuring we get it right

Silver ions seek that fulfilling electron wherever they can get it. Upon meeting hydrochloric acid in the stomach or salts in the blood most of the silver ions become silver chloride. That's of no concern because it flushes from the body. Some not so professional manufacturers bottle only ionic silver -or what some are now calling ultra small particle colloidal silver- while others create a high nitric acid content rarely found in homemade silver solutions. Big colloids that are stabilized with protein is of concern too. The poor manufacturing methods of the past are employed by unregulated entrepreneurs. Many companies in the industry simply have no clue but worse yet, some lie outright.

According to Francis S. Key of Colloidal Science Laboratories, one silver peddler now sits in jail. Even after having been told it's scientifically wrong, his firm illogically uses citric acid to turn the ions into colloids. The resulting silver citrate has an undesireable colloid.

If you're going to make colloidal silver it's simply worth doing right.
Ever touch a 9volt battery to your tongue? AC/DC transformers use similar micro-current. Attaching one to separate silver rods in distilled water forces release of not silver atoms, but the better part of an atom -missing an electron- known as silver ions. These ions carry a positive charge. Charge, ppm and particle surface area are crucial:

Colloidal silver surface area simplified:
Drop a marble in a glass of a million molecules of water and you get 1 ppm; parts per million. Split the marble, thus exposing more surface area (both sides of the center) and you have 2 ppm. Now quarter the marble thus creating even more surface area and 4 ppm. Got the idea? Good. Now crush the marble with a hammer to get millions of smaller particles and exponentially more surface area- all from the same amount of marble.

Once electrically stripped from silver, normally only a few percent of silver ions get back their lost electron and form the atom-like groups of particles called silver colloids. Interestingly, smaller particles offer greater surface area; the inverse of what you might think. But only colloids hold the special medicinal properties we desire.

Introducing carbon dioxide by bubbling air through the water via a fish-tank pump raises the percentage of true colloids. It creates carbonic acid and provides the necessary anion/cation balance, allowing the ion reduction or replacement of the electron back into orbit but in the ion's newly-formed second outer shell. The resulting near atomic-sized particles of silver clump together in groups -the fewer the better- and only then are they small, stable colloids that safely and effectively destroy anaerobic bacteria and virus-infected cells in the body. The remaining ions turn into unusable silver-chloride in the stomach or pass into the bloodstream and uselessly bond with the salts there and are flushed from the body.

The ion/colloid transition is incredibly important in the making of quality medical grade, true colloidal silver. While this naturally occurs in some small percentage of ions even if left alone during manufacture, perhaps the simplest and most effective method of 'tipping the balance' is the addition of tiny amounts of Vitamin C.

Ascorbic acid may afford easier and more efficient electron reintroduction than air bubbling. The phrase 'enough to dust the head of a pin' cannot be overstressed. Add it a few minutes after powering and you may see a hint of yellow-gold come and go; wait a few minutes and add a bit more vitamin C and the liquid may turn yellow. Even more time and vitamin C and it could become golden. Experimentation is in order here but beware; add too much and immediately particles will group into very large colloids appearing as a murky gray brew. If your homemade batch is not clear yellow, consider not taking it except in time of emergency.

Time, water quality and power are all variables. Try 12v. DC; 1-3 minutes/ounce of distilled water to start. Use only pure silver & a pinch of Vit C after mfg.

Ions that do become silver colloids form a new surface area with a unique double-layer and an electrical measurement known as Zeta Potential. This other worldly phenomenon has a seemingly negative electrical charge that helps silver colloids stay aloft through mutual repulsion as they stratify in solution: little ones at the top, big ones at the bottom, intermingling with the useless ions in what now appears as a shiny clear liquid with a blue sheen complimenting the yellow-gold color.

A well made batch of highly colloidal silver will have great clarity and show some color, let's say from lemonade-yellow or beer-golden to iced-tea amber.

Homemade colloidal silver is always effective but unless made as described it rarely contains more than ten percent true colloids as compared to the ninety percent attained by the best of professional manufacturers. Their products' tiny particles have infinitely less silver with unimaginably more surface area, afford greater stability with less stringent storage requirements, show a hint of color and are typically only double-digit ppm.

Smarter consumers help educators to explain things in a more truthful scientific way while still trying to appeal to those at the back of the class. Perhaps the people who have been skipping an education altogether are the reason medicine has become the third leading cause of death...

Pharmaceutical drugs kill 250,000 Americans annually. Fifty cases of Argyria beats that any day, and no one has ever died from ingesting large colloids. This cosmetic skin condition would first be noticed in sensitive tissues like the eyes, gums and nail-beds. Fear not...simply take only clear but slightly yellow-gold colloids.

Contrary to FDA propaganda, Argyria is reversible. One early colloidal silver research and marketing guru has cleared a few cases and offers a simple protocol essentially amounting to supplementing with vitamin E, selenium, germanium, manganese and other proprietary info. Research also pulled up two separate methods from the 1920s that amount to oil and egg white flushes as a comparable sort of chelation.

Every batch of colorless crystal-clear ionic silver, yellow-gold true colloidal silver and even large gray colloids for that matter will always have some percentage of medical-grade healing silver colloids within, so liquid silver elixir, Elixsilver almost always works to kill the organisms we associate with disease. However, Beauchamp theorized decades ago that those organisms are not the actual cause of disease, rather just opportunistic scavengers.

Perhaps it is the electrical charge imparted into an area of blocked flow (chi?) that is the actual virtue of colloidal silver. We may never know as Big Pharma has so skewed the systems of approval that it reportedly takes more than a hundred million dollars for proper medical trials. However a naturally-occuring mineral in water cannot be patented so the nearly free colloidal silver affords little money for required double-blind research...but who needs that kind of research given the known facts.

Trends follow patterns and people fall into categories: initial leaders, immediate followers, stragglers and hold-outs. People have been at the business of making homemade colloidal silver for over 35 years, what are you waiting for...You can do this!

One more thing: The very technical website Mr. Key maintains has a product analysis comparison graphic that will help you discern several aspects of the best and worst products tested to date. There are a couple that you will want to stay away from if you're going to buy, but please, learn to make your own colloidal silver-it could prove to be more important than you might ever imagine- You could save the life of someone you love:

Recently a Brown Recluse spider bite 'caused' a case of 'flesh-eating disease' or necrotizing faciitis -which is in reality simply a case of common staph gone awry- and was 'miraculously' healed, according to the 'patient'. This condition has been known to appear with flu-like symptoms and kill in three days. The Doctor's treatment was not working so silver was applied. The dis-ease was quelled in short order as is the norm for properly made Elixsilver!

In 1998 the author, penname 'Johnny Silverseed' developed the phone-line powered MicroGenerator, a temporary use/demonstration tool gifted to subscribers of his free e-Zine.

His book 'Colloidal Silver ...@ntibiotic Superhero' ISBN 0970825609 is available via Baker & Taylor Books, New Leaf Distributing,, &

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Photo: manufacturing with the "Auto-Immune" generator and highly purified water: As a dash of Vit-C is introduced, the sub-molecular ions aggregate into a cloud of yellow colloids, forming a more highly colloidal solution

This is an educational technique you may not always use, but we suggest you learn and teach it- to ensure no large gray colloids are ever ingested. It is one of four visual tests for proper colloids.

 Traditionally, colloids had color. The redefining is a mystery to us. Why now? Anyway, some like clear, some like yellow colloids.

Clear crosses the cell barrier and yellow colloids stay in the blood; each may have its specific use.

What you will make at home can be as good as the pro's; some percentage will be the best, most perfect size, naturally electrically charged healing colloids of silver. 

One of colloidal silver's functions maybe be aiding the flow of chi into blocked realms of the body as well as it's anti/pro-biotic use.


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