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Colloidal Silver Liquid, Cure-all Elixir and More

Back when robber-barons ruled our economy, colloidal silver liquid helped the pharmacy companies take root -they used every available advantage.

An ancient, worldwide basic knowledge of silver’s healing properties was capitalized upon. The drug manufacturers created liquid colloidal silver. They simply improved upon the old methods that had been used historically. But silver alone cannot be patented as it is a naturally occurring mineral.

Colloidal silver liquid became accepted as medicine
The drug companies went on for decades eventually creating 112 drugs. They were able to patent them all because they added other ingredients. And they were content to market toxic products that caused cosmetic harm and mental anguish, instead of improving on their silver drugs. They chose to move away from nature and create more patented drugs.

For decades those 112 silver-drugs were used on 132 diseases

Electro-colloidal silver generators were invented
In 1975 a physician named Dr. Bob Beck was assisting in experimenting with the healing of broken bones using electricity. Silver played a role in conducting small micro-currents to mend stubborn breaks. From this, the inquisitive healer along with a physicist created the first three-battery powered generator for making electro- colloidal silver liquid.

Colloidal silver liquid heals- don’t tell anybody
This doctor has been at odds with the established medical authorities since that time -as he has chosen to share this and other developments at all cost. Medicine is big business and healing stops repeat business.

His willingness to share his discovery of free medicine has been a thorn in the side of the established medical monopoly and they want it stopped.

Make colloidal silver liquid and you might not need a doctor at all.

Colloidal silver liquid has its strengths
Colloidal silver dosages are less than historically used on 132 diseases. Somewhere on the order of thousands of times less considering just the number of actual particles used in each colloidal silver dose. Include the consideration of particle size and you have come upon something scary.

They say the colloidal silver liquid Boogie-man is out to get you.

Colloidal silver liquid is controversial
It has to be. The pharmaceutical firms stand to lose billions of dollars. So they remind us of the few cases of incurable sickness their drugs caused.

Agryria is a cosmetic condition of the past
Way too many large particles of silver will turn you gray -starting with the whites of the eyes and moving to the nail-beds and finally your skin.

Know that the particles of silver made with today’s method are not only much smaller but taken in a smaller dose. But you still need to be careful.

Safely making colloidal silver liquid is easy
With liquid colloidal silver generators you can make silver elixir at home. And since colloidal silver liquid costs up to $10 an ounce you might try.
If you are adept at making a cup of tea you’ll probably make colloidal silver correctly.

There’s no big investment needed until you’re sure you want to continue.

101 choices and 1001 uses
Once you’re armed with more liquid colloidal silver information you can chose a simple MicroGenerator to see how easy the process really is. And with the advent of the ac/dc transformer powered models it seems battery powered silver generators have outgrown their usefulness. These new transformer generators have more economy for general home use.

It seems colloidal silver liquid helps or prevents everything if taken often. Though it does not seem to help progressed diseases. It is not a cure-all.

It’s clear that something funny is going on in this industry -that alone is reason to continue your research. Keep an eye on colloidal silver liquid…

You will eventually learn to trust this natural healing elixir .

And you will eventually find it really does have a thousand and one uses.

For More Information Contact:

Silver Shield
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Photo: manufacturing with the "Auto-Immune" generator and highly purified water: As a dash of Vit-C is introduced, the sub-molecular ions aggregate into a cloud of yellow colloids, forming a more highly colloidal solution

This is an educational technique you may not always use, but we suggest you learn and teach it- to ensure no large gray colloids are ever ingested. It is one of four visual tests for proper colloids.

 Traditionally, colloids had color. The redefining is a mystery to us. Why now? Anyway, some like clear, some like yellow colloids.

Clear crosses the cell barrier and yellow colloids stay in the blood; each may have its specific use.

What you will make at home can be as good as the pro's; some percentage will be the best, most perfect size, naturally electrically charged healing colloids of silver. 

One of colloidal silver's functions maybe be aiding the flow of chi into blocked realms of the body as well as it's anti/pro-biotic use.


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